How to type in Indian languages on other websites?

May be you would like to send a friendly Hindi message to your friend on Facebook. Or you just read a news article in Tamil, and would like to express your views in Tamil. Or you may want to share a joke in Kannada, which would loose its punch if translated to English. We have noted that 85% of our users write their messages on our Indian language editor, and copy it for pasting it elsewhere. It is time that we let our users type in their mother tongue wherever they need it online. So we are launching Quillpad Roaming.

Quillpad Roaming enables users to go to any website and type in Indian languages directly there. Following is a quick video intro to Quillpad Roaming.

Quillpad Roaming is currently in restricted beta release. We are studying some user experience aspects before we release it for public use. Ease of use and non-intrusive interface are our top priorities. In its current form we are still experimenting. Besides that we are making it seamlessly work on most websites, social networks, email services, search, greetings, Indic news portals etc.

If you would like to help us by trying out Quillpad Roaming in its current form, do register for Early Access now. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions to improve it.

We are expecting to release a much evolved version by 20th February. Do keep a watch.